CERT Radio Call-In 4-1-07

Ever wonder what is going on at the Command Post trailer when you are calling in on the radio? Here are some pictures that tell the story.

The actual set-up time to be ready to handle radio calls takes about 10 minutes, or even less. That includes opening the trailer, assembling and mounting the antenna, moving the table to the ground if the weather is good, and hooking up the radio to power. It can take a little longer if we also set up the rain canopy over the open back doors, but this is not needed for a radio call-in day.

Your CERT team usually plans on arriving about an hour before the scheduled call-in to charge a battery on our home-made generator. This takes about half an hour of running time - about 40 minutes total to remove a battery, hook it up to the generator, then put it back in the trailer when it's charged. It's a good exercise for the generator too - it circulates gasoline and oil in the engine at least once a month. In winter, the charging is usually done during the afternoon while there is still daylight.

We usually have both a Net Control Operator and a Scribe. Not only is it nice to have company, but this provides a double check on the calls that come in. On this day Mack Patterson was the Scribe for Eric Lipanovich as Net Control. FCC regulations require a licensed GMRS operator for the radio at the trailer because of its power, and Eric, Paul Donahue, Gordon Good and Rick Van Mell are all licensed.

So enjoy a couple of pictures of radio call-in during the last minutes of twilight.

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Mack Patterson starts setting up Eric tests the radio Most stuff left inside
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Map in stored position, note
yellow arrows for Block Volunteers
other colors for incidents
We know his role! Call-in under way
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Sarah Donahue & Teak Moon peeks out above Moonlight moment
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Checking results.