Radio Operator / Planning Leader Desk

This page shows the typical setup for the communications and recording desk for the Cuesta Park Neighborhood Association CERT. This is the information center for the Command Post. It is located directly adjacent to the Map where the locations of Block Volunteers and Incidents are recorded by the Map team.

The Personnel Resources form and the Health & Welfare form are used to record who has called in and is available. The Incident Assessment (IA) Form is used to record each individual incident or personnel status as it is received by the Radio Operator (RO). The Planning Leader (PL) copies information from the IA onto a master Damage Assessment (DA) form that is used to summarize the status of the neighborhood. The Personnel Resources list is used to form teams, either to handle a specific IA incident, or to survey a new area.

After IA information is copied to the DA form, the IA is passed to the Map Team to record on the Map. IA forms going to Map are slipped into one slot at the bottom of the rack, then returned from Map after posting in the other slot. The IA is then filed in the rack, or set at the top of the opposite rack if it will need a Team and resources are not immediately available.

Click pictures below for a larger image. (Note that in these pictures the table is in its stowed position inside the trailer. When set up, the chairs would be facing the Map Team & Map.)

Rick Van Mell 12/7/07

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Radio Operator/Planning Leader
work space
Second view Third view
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Radio Operator side
Incident Number list,
Incident Assessment forms in rack,
Health & Welfare form,
IA form to fill in
Planning Leader side
Rack for Teams/Incidents,
Slot to pass IA to Map,
empty slot for Map to pass IA back,
Damage Assessment form,
Personnel Resources list
Rack detail
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Rack empty End view