BPMDS Dip In To Spring
April 27, 2006

It was, finally, a warm soft day for our first Bubb Park Mothers & Dogs Society potluck of 2006. 63 folks - and maybe a few more we didn't get to count - showed up, with 11 of our favorite canines to keep us company.

Lots of really good dips - and special mention to Janet Sloan for her hot cheese dip, and Page McDonald for the chocolate fondue dessert dip!

Enjoy the pictures, and join us for the next one.

Attendees (as best we could count). Let us know if we missed you, and we'll add your name.

Last Name First Name Spouse Child # 1 Child # 2 Child # 3 Dog Address
Elliott Joe Allison Sophie Lisa     1309 Nilda
Fitzsimons   Steve Elyse       629 Barbara
Freiha Amy   Samir Remsey     1633 Montalto
Galla Beth Matt       Una 645 Barbara Avenue
Gauvin Gail         Dasher 1719 Begen Avenue
Kahan/Safran Michael Gabriella Eva Frieda     1273 Bonita
Kark Vera         Link  
Menhenett/Rhoadarmer Ariana   Alina       1418 Gretel Lane
Millet/McDonald Tim Page Tatum Payton     621 Lola
Nelson Will Stephanie Lucy Tessa     1652 Begen Avenue
Nichols   Anita         1539 Begen Avenue
Nunnally/Albright Carol Matt Courtney Nicole Lindsay   727 Cornelia Ct.
Patterson   Jenny Ryan Jacob Julia Ann     749 Rustic Lane
Peterson Craig Sandy   Michelle   Morgan 1158 Phyllis Avenue
Sechrest Sally Lyle       Sadie 1512 Begen Avenue
Segelke Scott Cynthia Nathan Evan   Ruby 1635 Begen Avenue
Sloan/Stahl Janet Peter Michael Allegra     936 Trophy Drive
Sokoloff/Brown Randi         Molly 1433 Isabelle
Thompson Kim         Maverick 1104 Sladky Avenue
Van Mell Rick Sandy       Teak 1629 Begen Avenue
Wall Jim Eileen       Bentley 1162 Phyllis Ct.
Wang/Scarlett Cindy Sean Sierra Alaya   Jazz 543 Carla Court
Lipanovich Eric           723 Lola
Donahue Paul Sarah ???       1158 Nilda

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First of ...
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3 for the ...
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Lots of folks ...
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enjoying the evening
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Matt & Beth Galla
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Craig & Sandy Peterson
with Randi Sokoloff
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Page McDonald
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Allison Elliott
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Cindy, Sean & Sierra
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Sally Sechrest & grandaughter
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Name writing time
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Janet Sloan gets refreshed
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Wil & Stephanie + Beth & Matt
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Family time
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Chocolate fondue was ...
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dripping good.
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Headed home
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"Isn't there something more???!!"
says Morgan